Discover Coats

Columbus Day is the official time to get serious about buying a coat since they are on sale, it’s starting to be coat weather, and all sizes are (probably) still available.

App for the People by the Peeple?

Peeple. No, that’s not misspelled. It’s a new app that is supposed to launch in November and has lots of people questioning why we want to risk the downside.

Classic: Ralph’s New Fashion Move

The big fashion news of the day is that Ralph Lauren is stepping down from his company. While the newscaster may have exaggerated more than a little bit when she said, “We have all worn it,” there’s no question that Ralph Lauren is an iconic brand and personifies Americana in both fashion and lifestyle.

The ‘Heat’ is On!

While it's still supposed to be around 80 today, it was only 58 when I left the house. I have to say it's just in time because I'm ready to switch over my closets and switch over into some new fresh fall clothes.


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Girl, Things Have Really Changed!

I went to a photo shoot today for the winter issue of fullbeauty magazine and it was so incredibly exciting to see how far the fashion has come. Even more, it was wonderful to see how our curvy models make us all want to embrace our shape.

Summer Savings

It’s official, Labor Day has happened and summer is over – according to the fashion calendar! You get to start wearing fall clothes and the white jeans are with booties instead of thongs.

What’s your number?

No matter what your style, these three items will work with everything you have...and since they're on-sale, this is the time to get things you will wear for years to come...repeat after me, style, fit and quality! My picks...