60 seconds to the perfect fit

Up to 85% of women are wearing the wrong bra size. Let’s make sure you’re not one of them.

  1. Find Your Band Size.
  2. Find Your Bust Size.
  3. Compute Your Cup Size.
    Bust Size – Band Size = Cup Size.
    Check out this chart!
    1″ 2″ 3″ 4″ 5″ 6″
    A B C D DD/E DDD/F
    7″ 8″ 9″ 10″ 11″ 12″ 13″ 14″
    G H I J K L M N
  4. Combine your band size and cup size for your ideal bra size.

Behind the bra

On average, it takes us one year to develop a bra—perfecting the comfort and fit of each style, as well as innovative attributes like lay-flatstraps. We wear-test on multiple body types and sizes to get a true fit at each size.

  1. Straps

    Adjustable with an extra-wide, lay-flat design, they provide all-day support and the lift you love. Count on comfort without too much give.

  2. Cups

    With a wire or wire-free, they’re specially designed to be comfortable and flattering and—when you’re in your perfect size—won’t bulge or gape.

  3. Gore

    The heart of the bra, this centerpiece rests smoothly against the chest to hold the cups securely in place.

  4. Band

    A great support system, thanks to an extra-wide or double design and game-changing fabrics like powermesh. Go for a snug fit, which ensures the bra stays perfectly in place.

  5. Hook & Eye Closure

    We specialize in front and back closures that increase the comfort and adjustability of a bra for a perfect fit.

Fit Tips

Is your bra bugging you? There’s a simple fix for every fit issue.

Cups Gap

Your bra’s too big, go down a cup size.

Cups Runneth Over

You want the cups to hug your shape without spillage, so go up a cup size. Always fit your bra to your largest breast.

Straps Slip

First, you should adjust straps with every wear—make sure two fingers can fit under each strap. If straps still fall, try another bra type. All bodies are different.

Straps Dig

Try loosening them. If they’re still digging into your shoulders, try a larger cup size (so straps aren’t doing all the work), a tighter band, or a more supportive bra.

Band Rides Up

The band should be snug and sit straight across your back. Adjust your straps, which could be too tight. If it still rides up, size down one band size and size up one cup size.

Band is Too Tight

Try expanding to the loosest hook and eye closure. If that doesn’t work, try one band size larger and one cup size smaller.

Band Digs

First off: try a looser setting. If it’s still digging, try a bigger band size.

Center is Off-Center

The center part of your bra is supposed to lie flat and hold cups firmly in place. If that’s not happening, go up a cup size.

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