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Sophisticated & chic

A proud Latina and Editor-in-Chief of, Maddy is as devoted to boss-lady life as she is to her husband and daughter.


What are your passions beyond fashion?

My daughter! Every day, I wake up with vigor to make her world better. As a mother of a special needs child, each day is uncertain so I appreciate every moment.

On your playlist?

"Fiebre" (it means "Fever") by Ricky Martin, "Don't Make Me Wait" by Sting and Shaggy, and "Wolves" by Selena Gomez

How about a motto?

Follow your journey! Life throws us some curve balls but I believe they always push us in the right direction.


Empowered & Glamorous

Some days, she's a plus-size model, inspiring women to feel confident and beautiful. Other times, she's giving back to the community as a social worker.


What do you love about being a social worker?

I love working with the Covenant House; we shelter homeless youth and help them find jobs, complete school and become independent adults.

Who is your celebrity crush?

Now that I've seen Black Panther, I'd have to say Michael B. Jordan!

Do you have any tattoos?

Yes! My favorite motto: "Learn from yesterday, live for today, hope for tomorrow" - it's tattooed on foot so I never forget to live life to the fullest!


Fearless & On-trend

When Amber isn't modeling or acting, she's enjoying scrumptious vegan eats and treats


What are your interests and passions beyond fashion?

Anything that can improve my health excites me! I have always had a strong passion for fitness and food.

What's your preference - beer, wine or cocktails?

Lemon water, please! (laughs) But, the few times I do drink, I usually choose organic wine to avoid the headache! ;)

Do you have a motto?

I do! "Have courage and be kind." It's a small reminder, but one of the ways I stay positive and motivated when times get tough.