Sealed With A Kiss Designs

For those who watched the VMA’s or saw the following day coverage, you might think that young style is all about bareness. SWAK designs blend pretty and practical without sacrificing sophistication and quality. And it’s so affordable – win, win and win!

“Look” at These

You may have seen our lookbooks…they are photos that show the great new fashion of the season. They’re called lookbooks because ‘look’ is another way of referring to a fashion outfit.

Endings or Beginnings?

All you need to do is type in “Things to do before summer ends” and you will get a list of at least 10 things to do in your area.

Cool in a Heat Wave

Next time your son or daughter says you’re just not cool enough, mention all the movies that are being remade that were very clearly our generation, and movies that finally tell us the story behind what has become so popular in their generation.

Redefining the “Range”

Tough women, whether it’s Army Rangers or home on the rangers, women need clothes as tough and as functional as they are. Yet, so many of us wear leggings all the time, which is probably why fullbeauty has almost 200 styles and colors of leggings...

New Way of Thinking?

Sure, I have loose pants and tees with no bra days and I’m really comfortable. But, there is nothing to show how comfortable I am in my own skin that a curvy-hugging pants and top.

Are we still in Middle School?

I was listening to a report on the news discussing how plus size women are begging Victoria’s Secret to feature plus size models and to size up. Really? Have we still not discovered that the ‘cool kids’ are their own priorities and we deserve companies who make us the priority, not the afterthought?
Check It Out

Check It Out

What’s reversible, can be worn under everything and makes it all look fabulous, while letting you cater to your curves and have your body breathe in comfort? It’s called Secret Solutions™ Curvewear, and it’s exclusively on